EssentialsX wiki!

EssentialsX is the essential plugin for Spigot servers, providing core features for servers of any size and scale. These features include:

  • Player-made homes
  • Server warps and kits, either server-wide or per-world
  • Player-to-player private messages, teleports and teleport requests
  • Custom player nicknames
  • Various moderation tools including kicks, temporary bans, mutes and jails
  • Built-in economy features including sign shops, command costs and full Vault support

In addition, EssentialsX's add-on plugins provide further integrated features:

  • AntiBuild: Enforce permissions checks for building/interacting/crafting and alert staff when players use certain items. More details on the Essentials wiki.
  • Chat: Customise chat formats for the whole server as well as specific groups.
  • GeoIP: Display geographical lookup data for players when they log in and in /whois.
  • Protect: Set rules to protect your world, like disabling explosions and fire spread.
  • Spawn: Set up spawnpoints for different groups, and show welcome messages and set different spawn locations for new players.
  • XMPP: Monitor your server and receive private messages via a XMPP-compatible chat service. We have no idea how it works either.


Note: When updating EssentialsX, you need to update all the modules to the same version to prevent version mismatch errors. In addition, you may want to update your config file - the latest config file can always be found here.

The original Essentials plugin

EssentialsX is a fork of the original Essentials, which was discontinued in 2014. EssentialsX adds several new features over the original Essentials plugin and the SpigotMC Essentials fork. See Improvements and Changelogs for more information.

To upgrade from Essentials 2.14.x or earlier, stop your server, replace your Essentials jars with the equivalent EssentialsX jars and restart your server. EssentialsX will load and convert your old Essentials files when you first run it.